Wireless Connectivity

  • Uncapped wireless Internet packages from 1mbps upwards.
  • Low contention ratios (maximum 1:4)
  • Month-to-month and longer term contract options available. 
  • Each package can be tailor-made to suit customer requirements (shaped, unshaped, synchronous, asynchronous, etc.)

Residential and Small Business Packages:

SME Packages:

  • All SME wireless Internet offerings are uncapped, unshaped, uncontended and synchronous
  • We also offer high-speed Point-to-Point/Multipoint and Layer 2 connectivity
  • Expert support services
  • Uptime guarantees
  • Standard, Gold and Platinum Service Level Agreements

Channel Partners:

  • Wholesale bandwidth - bulk sales of Local and International bandwidth and Layer 2 connections
  • Last Mile - Add our services to your own product offerings
  • Referral - Refer clients to us and receive a commission

Our Channel Partner program consists of three elements:

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